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"This is a celebration of our namesake. The idea stuck, because as far as we could find, no other town in Iowa honors past governors. So, it's an opportunity we could take advantage of, and even take it a step further than that and use it as a soapbox to educate people on the history of our community"


"Our goal is to make the area a healthy business environment for all the property owners to take pride in, and to have an attractive portion of the community. What once was the main focus on Grimes is not anymore. There used to be a lot of traffic, and now a lot of that traffic has gone elsewhere. So, we want to get some new attractions down there and build upon some of those long-established businesses." - Brian Buethe

Citizens Advisory Committee recommends "Governors District"
Interview by Amber Williams. 
Northeast Dallas County Record [Adel]


"Right now, Grimes is considered by many to be a bedroom community on the north side of the metro...People outside of Grime's don’t realize that this community is actually part of the metro and is only 20 minutes from downtown Des Moines. There are several outstanding destinations in the community, but we're confident there will be significantly more notable attractions within the next five years" - Keith Snow


"Leaders envision creating downtown Governors District to draw business, visitors." 
Interview by Lisa Lavia Ryan. Urbandale, Grimes, Dallas Center and Johnston Register [Des Moines] 9 Apr. 2009.
[Des Moines] 9 Apr. 2009

"I got involved obviously because I am a business owner but because I love the vision that is being set forth by Keith Snow and the City of Grimes...The area that has been labeled Governors District can provide Grimes with some historical value and provide residents with great resources and opportunities. I'll be proud to be part of the change" - Kristin Williamson


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