The Governors District Alliance needs your support


The beautification along Main Street is well under way!  We’re looking forward to the boost our local economy will receive and continue to enjoy for years to come!  

To showcase the history of our governors, 41 banners will adorn Main Street and Highway 44; one for each man who has served our great state.  There will be 34 banners hung on Main Street and 7 along Highway 44.  Each of the banners will be displayed in sequential order by the governor's term.


Help us showcase our governors by proudly displaying them for all to see!  

Payments can be made via PayPal.

Main Street banners are 18x24 inches and $150
Highway 44 banners are 24x48 inches and $250

Banners already sponsored are denoted as "SOLD" below, otherwise they are available for support!


Territory Governor Lucas
Territory Governor Chambers
Territory Governor Clarke
Governor Briggs
Governor Hempstead
Governor Grimes
Governor Lowe
Governor Kirkwood
Governor Stone
Governor Newbold
Governor Boies
Governor Cummins
Governor Harding
Governor Herring
Governor Blue
Governor Loveless
Governor Ray
Governor Branstad
Governor Merrill
Governor Gear
Governor Jackson
Governor Garst
Governor Kendall
Governor Kraschel
Governor Beardsley
Governor Erbe
Governor Branstad
Governor Carpenter
Governor Sherman
Governor Drake
Governor Carroll
Governor Hammill
Governor Wilson
Governor Elthon
Governor Hughes
Governor Vilsack
Governor Kirkwood
Governor Larrabee
Governor Shaw
Governor Clarke
Governor Turner
Governor  Hickenlooper
Governor Hoegh
Governor Fulton
Governor Culver


Sponsorship opportunities for the banners are for a 12-month period.
To sponsor a banner, please contact Steve Rogers at Bankers Trust at (515) 986-3606.