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The Governors District Alliance needs your support

With your help and that of other community members our vision of a revitalized Grimes will become a reality.  

Your donation will allow the Governors District Alliance to fulfill its goal of a revitalized and thriving downtown Grimes.  Each donation grants you the opportunity to become a member of the Governors District Alliance.  If you would like to become a member click here.  

If becoming a member is not something you are interested in but you would still like to make an anonymous donation, please donate below.  

What will your donations be used for?

Short term, your donation (or membership) will be used for the initial planning efforts to make the Governors District a reality, including the development of marketing materials and public relations campaigns. Funds will also be used to create façade and architectural drawings of the area to encourage development and to provide a future vision.

Long term, your donation (or membership) will be used to finance and raise money for future Governors District projects and to help sustain and encourage business development in downtown Grimes. Money will be raised to pay for park benches, flowers, Governor sidewalk plaques, memorials, street post banners, etc.

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